Residential Sprinkler Systems / Irrigation Systems

Irri-Tech is a family owned company who has served the automated landscape irrigation needs of Dallas and the surrounding areas since 1968 under Texas Irrigation License #2. We are now in our second generation and are just as proud to serve you and our over 45 years of committed residential customers. Let us bring our expertise to serve your irrigation needs at a competitive price.
Irrigation Repairs:
• Repair or replace controllers
• Repair or replace rain and freeze sensors
• Locate cut valve wires using electronic wire tracers minimizing damage to landscaping
• Electronic wire tracing to locate buried zone valves
• Repair or replace stuck zone valves
• Locate and repair cracked or broken pipes
• Replace damaged spray heads
• Unclog or replace spray head nozzles

Check the irrigation system for compliance with city codes:
• Does the existing irrigation include a backflow preventer and is it working properly
• Does the existing irrigation include a rain and temperature sensor and is it working properly
• Over spray on to sidewalks and driveways

Maximize water savings:
• Update your controller to a “Smart or ET” controller
• Modify existing spray irrigation to more efficient drip irrigation in planter beds
• Change older nozzles to high efficiency nozzles
• Check spray head patterns and nozzles for efficient coverage

Spring checkup:
Protect your landscaping from the summer heat. Our technicians will check every component of your irrigation system and will repair or replace as necessary to make sure the irrigation system is ready for the summer heat.
• Check irrigation controller for proper operation
• Coordinate controller programming and provide helpful tips to save water
• Check the rain and freeze sensors
• Check zone valves, are they turning on and off automatically from the controller
• Check for leaks in zone valves, heads, and piping
• Raise, lower, and straighten heads
• Clean clogged nozzles
• Adjust nozzles for coverage and water savings

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